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Package recycling room
Next to the garage door there is a package recycling room. Here you can recycle cardboard, glass, metall, batteries, light bulbs and plastic. Every container is marked whith exaples of what you can and can't place inside of it.  You can also pick up new compost bags. 

You are not allowed to leave any kind of household waste or bulky waste in this room! Household waste is to be thrown in the garbage chute which can be found in every corner of our block as well as outside the package recycling room.

If the garbage chute you wish to use does not work you will have to go to another one, or take your garbage back home and try again later. You may under no circumstances leave your garbage anywhere else. If you find that a garbage chute doesn't work, please notify Envac on 08-775 33 70.

Bulky waste is to be taken to the recycling plant Kvarnkullen, located just a couple of blocks away. 
Brf Kaffestugan has parking spots in the garage. The rent for one spot is 1000 SEK/month for a car or 300 SEK/month for a MC.  If you would like to rent one spot contact the board at with the following information:
  • Full name
  • Address
  • Apartmentnumber
  • Personal identification number
  • Cell number
  • Date from when you wish to rent your spot

If you have a spot you no longer wish to rent, go to to cancel your spot. Include the following information
  • Full name
  • Personal identification number
  • Parking spot number
  • Last day you wish to rent your spot

N!B! The garage door opener shall be returned to the housing assosiation's mailbox at Skrivargatan 28 on your last day of renting.

You may also choose to park on the street. The cost for visitors is 10 SEK/hour between 8 am and 4 pm on weekdays. As a resident you can purchase a monthly ticket for 300 SEK. For this you'll also need a residential permit which you can apply for on (swedish). Place the permit with the ticket in your windshield. 
General information
Error reporting
Report problems with your appartment (e.g. water damage or clogged drains) or with the shared areas (e.g. broken light bulb or a door that won't lock) to SBC at or by calling 0771-722 722 between 7 am - 9 pm. 

Please note that you will be charged for damages that you have caused. 

Washing machine and dryer
If you're having trouble with your washing machine or dryer, please contact Siemens on 0771-11 22 77. 

If you suspect vermin in your appartment or in any of our shared areas please contact Anticimex on 08-19 00 30 as well as the board.

Anything on your mind
If you have any questions you can always contact the board at